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Juliet Balconies & Dormers

Dormer WindowElegant solutions to common problems and some fantastic ways to really open up your loft space; at Lady Bay we take pride in creating the very best in loft conversions.

Quite often when people picture a loft conversion they imagine a slightly awkward triangular space furniture doesn’t fit into very well and where you constantly bang your head!

When we carry out a project, we always aim to create a fully functional space whether you want to create a guest suite, home study or recreation room, and some great things can be achieved with a few of our specialist design features and installations! A comprehensive approach means we can design and build in almost anything you want, and extensive experience has shown us some great solutions to common problems.

Fire regulations and doors

Many of our customers are concerned that fire regulations will require them to remove all their doors and replace them with fire rated versions. We make use of a very new product called Enviro-Graf; a paint-on treatment for your current doors which add fire resistance of a standard that comfortably meets the regulations. Keep the internal doors you love with a very quick and cost effective upgrade by our team!

Dormer windows installations

One of the best ways of expanding out the room and creating a lot more ceiling space is to install dormer windows; this is where a hole is cut into a pitched roof and a flat roof is added, allowing a much larger window to be fitted and creating plenty of extra headroom inside. Dormers can be as simple as a single window or a whole row of them to bring light flooding into a room little different to any other in the house

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