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Loft Conversion FAQ

Q) Can my loft be converted?
Most people who look up into their loft think that they have no means of using it as a room, however, 90% of traditional roofs can be converted after a survey has been carried out, including truss rafter roofs.

Q) How much will it cost?
) We offer a free, fully detailed and all inclusive loft conversion quote in the post to you within 7 days of carrying out a survey; it costs nothing to find out!

Q) Is my loft too small?
) In order to comply with Building Regulations, the loft has to be a minimum of 2.3m or 7' 6" at its highest point (i.e. the apex of the roof). Those measurements are taken from the top surface of the ceiling boards below, to the felt at the very apex of the roof. With that in mind, we can make the most of even the smallest lofts with the imaginative use of dormer windows and staircase positioning.

Q) How long will the work take?
) For an average sized home, from commencement of work, we would normally be complete in 5 - 8 weeks depending on whether dormers are fitted.

Q) Will I need a Dormer window?
) Nearly all lofts can have a dormer window, which can provide useful extra space in a tight loft, and add light and outlook to a room. Some smaller lofts may require a dormer at the top of the stairs to provide the necessary headroom as you climb the stairs into the loft.

Q) What about planning permission?
) Planning permission for loft conversions is only required if you wish to put a dormer window on the front of your house and your house is within 26 metres of the road, or if the house has been substantially extended in the past. We will deal with all aspects of the planning application to ease your way through the process.

Q) Will I need to arrange Building Regulations Approval and will that be an additional cost?
) We are used to dealing with Building Control at local Councils, and will complete all necessary paperwork for you. The cost is usually £300 - £500, and will be included in your quote.

Q) I have a water tank and a chimney in my attic, is that a problem?
) Using our own plumbers, we can easily reposition any plumbing to maximise usable space in the loft. Chimney stacks usually have to remain in position, but can occasionally be removed.

Q) Will I have to change my doors for fire regulations?
A) No, we use a paint on system called Enviro-graf which adds fire rating to your current doors meeting the legal requirements for loft conversions.

Q) Can you take care of electrics, plumbing and heating?
A) Yes, we use experienced and qualified electricians and plumbers certified to standards including NICEIC and Gas Safe.

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